Slate Roofing Pro and Cons

Slate Roofing Pro and Cons

If you are thinking of replacing the roof on your home, one of the many options available albeit one of the more expensive ones, is slate tiling. Here we will try to help you decide what type of roof might suit you and what are the benefits for and against of having a slate tiled roof in Ireland.

Slate roofing can be a wonderful option for your home in Ireland, but it offers its own set of benefits and negative points. Lets take a look at some of them below:

Why Use Slate Tiles

Longevity: While your normal tiled roof should easily last to 25 years, a properly installed slate roof could last indefinitely. If you take good care of your roof and live in a relatively mild part of Ireland (low down area), it is not out of the question for your slate roof to last 200 years or more. You can see this on some of the centuries old houses in Ireland and why they are all slate tiled.

If you want to replace your roof and make sure it is a once in a lifetime job, slate tiles are the way to go which you can read here.

Slate roofing has a beautiful, rustic look. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes, meaning even if you have a particular vision for your home’s roof, you can likely fulfill it with slate roofing.

Another advantage of slate roofing is that is Eco friendly. This means that since it is crafted from nature, no carbon footprint was created in order to make them. The only footprint is from the cutting of them which is considerably less than other options. Manufactured tiles are built using fuels which in turn leads to a larger footprint and since they can last indefinitely, you will never need to dispose of them either unlike Peterson.

Why Not To Use Slate Tiles

Slate roofing is one of the more expensive roofing materials on the market. A fully installed slate roof will cost at least three times more than a normal manufactured tiled roof, if not more. While slate roofing generally closes the gap with its advantage in longevity, the initial investment of installing a slate roof is far higher than a standard roof.

Durability: While slate roofing is strong against the weather, it is also brittle, and that can make maintenance a little more difficult. If you need to have someone walking along your roof to fix a roof leak which is quite common, you can learn about that here,, there is a chance they could crack your slate tiles, and it is quite hard to find slate that is a perfect match because it comes in lots.

Overall, slate is a wonderful option for any roof in Ireland. Not only does it look fantastic, but it also possesses incredible longevity. While you will certainly need to make a major investment to install a slate roof on your home, it will outlast just about any other type of roofing tiles and has the potential to be a much better alternative for a long-term investment.