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Home Based Franchise Helps Local Businesses

When you start a home based business with the CityLocal franchise opportunity you can help local businesses that are struggling to make money in the current recession. They desperately need help in finding new customers. The CityLocal franchisees are specialist business promoters that help small business owners attract and gain new customers locally.

The CityLocal business directory has been designed with three goals in mind:

1) To offer businesses a much more cost effective form of advertising

2) To help businesses appear high on the search engines for their keywords

3) To help businesses reach out to their target market via their offline strategies

If you are enthusiastic, ambitious and are wanting to start a home based business, helping local businesses succeed in these dire economic circumstances, then a visit to the CityLocal franchise pages is a must:

CityLocal is moving closer to its long term goal of creating a national brand. As the franchise network grows, it is inching it way towards becoming a household name. It is only 4 years old, still an infant, yet it has franchisees in most parts of the UK already!

CityLocal believes in the MasterMind principle. They are constantly listening to and consulting their network of franchisees. Adding local content daily was proving to be too time consuming for their franchisees and detracted from their main purpose of helping local businesses succeed. Working closely with its network of franchisees they developed and successfully launched the new website which now has all the local content updated automatically.

Now their franchisees can devote all of their time to building their home business, increasing their sales and maximising their returns from their franchise. CityLocal is always listening, always learning and always improving its work from home opportunity.


N. R. Daud - City Local UK

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