Offline promotions and mail drops

Our offline business promotion works in perfect synergy with our online strategies.

Franchisees can also offer mail drops to 1000's of homes within their local area. These mail drops are stacked full of Special Offers Vouchers from local businesses and are a mirror image of the vouchers that these businesses would have on their listing on

CityLocal. This adds another strong revenue source for CityLocal franchisees. e.g. If a franchisee does one mail drop every quarter, this could add a gross profit of over £10,000 per year to their bottom line.

Businesses that are promoting themselves on the CityLocal website can be included in local mail drops.

The Special Offers within this booklet are a mirror image of the offers that are on their listing on the website.

There is complete synergy with the Offline promotion and online presence.

These booklets go to 1000's of homes in the local area raising awareness for local business and CityLocal.

This presents another strong revenue source for franchisees.

Targeted Newsletters - that are sponsored by local businesses. This is sent to subscribers, users and members of CityLocal. These newsletters will contain write ups on local businesses, special offer vouchers and local information all presented in a professional way.

Reviews and Testimonials - Our franchisees work closely with local business to capture some of the great things that their satisfied customers have to say about their business and have this published on the business listing. There is nothing more powerful than testimonials from local customers

Local Business Networking - CityLocal franchisees network with the local business community and put businesses in touch with each other.

As you can see, the franchise opportunity with CityLocal presents a great opportunity for anyone who is ambitious, is interested in promoting and networking with local businesses and working within their local community.

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