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Combat Zone

Adventure Centre Adventure Centre

"Pros: Reasonably good quality gear. Very cheap (If you get an offer) Great facility Cons: Huge groups (60ish people when we"

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Combat Zone


Welcome to the Combat Zone Citylocal listing. Combat Zone is a business that is listed in the following category - Adventure Centre– and can be contacted at +353 61 302031.

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Paintballing for people who like to be shouted at.

"Pros: Reasonably good quality gear.
Very cheap (If you get an offer)
Great facility

Cons: Huge groups (60ish people when we went)
Extra charge for gloves (everywhere else includes them)
Weird and un-fun gameplay

Combat zone is (assuming you find an offer) relatively cheap. But they make up for it by having HUGE groups (60+ people), which makes the whole experience much more complicated.

Unlike other paint-balling centers I've visited, where games are generally pretty simple & there's no such thing as being "killed" or "knocked-out", combat zone organize complex games with multiple simulated retreats and running strategizing from staff which mean much more time is spent talking than playing.

I fully accept that this is something that some people will enjoy. Equally, though, I would imagine that a lot of people who go paintballing are there solely to run around in a field, get muddy & shoot their friends in the face- not to be lectured on the pincer movement by somebody who wishes they were a drill Sargent.

As such, I would not recommend Combat Zone."

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