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Aerobics Class Dublin

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Our Instructors will motivate you to achieve results you never believed possible. In addition to the obvious physical benefits of being fit, training with Bootcamp Ireland will:

* Improve fitness
* Improve muscle strength and stamina
* Build lean muscle
* Help you lose weight

Fitter, healthier bodies lead to fitter minds:

* Improve confidence
* Reduce stress
* Improve concentration


Bootcamp Ireland is a new alternative way to getting fit! Its’ unique formula allows for an overall body workout, without getting bored or restless with the same routines week after week. Its group training, means that you are meeting like minded people who all have one thing in common… they all want the get fit, healthy and in great shape!

The classes are made up of aerobic, cardio, and LME (local muscular endurance). With such a variety of exercise and circuits, it takes the boredom out of exercising and makes it something more exciting!

Our fully qualified instructors have all be recruited with a military background, and share motivational techniques that keep you going throughout the class.

Training sessions are outdoors, regardless of weather. On registering, you will also hear of some great weekend activities that you can take part in and bring along your friends. These events include, hikes, mountain runs, fun runs, orienteering, social nites, clay pigeon shooting and many more…

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