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Current Electrical

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"Excellent to deal with . Arrived on time ."

The OPAL Foundation

Therapists Therapists

"The OPAL Foundation has its main base in County Roscommon Ireland but serves the community worldwide. OPAL provide information a"


Advertising Agents Advertising Agents

"Advertise in Irelands new property advertiser \"HOME MOVER\" We are a new company that have set up on Castle Street, Roscommon re"

Duffy Discount Ltd

Business Services Business Services

"While searching online shop for shelving for my garage, I came through Duffy Discount. They sell an array of products such as pall"

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Weather in Roscommon

5 Day Forecast

Day Weather Min Temp Max Temp Conditions
Thursday Sunny skies 6°C 14°C Sunny skies
Wind: 10mph sw
Humidity: 75
Pressure: 1012
Friday Light rain shower 8°C 15°C Light rain shower
Wind: 13mph sw
Humidity: 92
Pressure: 1008
Saturday Partly cloudy skies 11°C 16°C Partly cloudy skies
Wind: 23mph s
Humidity: 75
Pressure: 1008
Sunday Partly cloudy skies 9°C 17°C Partly cloudy skies
Wind: 7mph sw
Humidity: 74
Pressure: 1018
Monday Partly cloudy skies 8°C 18°C Partly cloudy skies
Wind: 6mph s
Humidity: 78
Pressure: 1023

Today's Weather

Hour Weather Temp Conditions
1am Mist 6°C Mist
Wind: 6mph nw
Humidity: 96
Pressure: 1010
1am Mist 6°C Mist
Wind: 4mph w
Humidity: 96
Pressure: 1011
1am Sunny skies 11°C Sunny skies
Wind: 5mph sw
Humidity: 92
Pressure: 1012
12pm Sunny skies 14°C Sunny skies
Wind: 8mph sw
Humidity: 75
Pressure: 1012
3pm Patchy rain possible 14°C Patchy rain possible
Wind: 10mph sw
Humidity: 79
Pressure: 1012
6pm Patchy rain possible 11°C Patchy rain possible
Wind: 7mph sw
Humidity: 90
Pressure: 1012
9pm Patchy rain possible 8°C Patchy rain possible
Wind: 8mph s
Humidity: 95
Pressure: 1013

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