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"Absolutely terrible service. They did not replace like for like, which is fine but were impossible to contact over an outstandin"

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Welcome to the callouts.ie Citylocal listing. callouts.ie is a business that is listed in the following category - Building Services– and can be contacted at 014587711.

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"Absolutely terrible service.
They did not replace like for like, which is fine but were impossible to contact over an outstanding issue and I was charged for a repair that never happened.
They still haven't provided me with the information I really badly need on the kitchen and refuse to talk about the blind that was apparently repaired but looked as if it wasn't even touched.
Even though I have repeatedly approached them over these things, and in a very calm way, over the last few months, until I eventually pleaded with them to sort things out, I have gotten no where. I now get no response. They now don't return my calls and when I ring the mobile number I was given by the person who assured me that he would take care of things for me, he no longer answers my calls. I cannot urge you enough not to use their services!"

katie doddy

katie doddy Joined Sep 2015

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