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Educo Gym - Parnell St

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Dublin Gyms - educogym® atmosphere is like nothing you've experienced before. The focused approach and invigorating exercise produces a world class environment for success. The highly trained certified staff have been taught how to create the most conducive atmosphere that is both exciting and result orientated. The groups are kept small to ensure a level of supervision for maximum results. This gives you the benefits of personal training plus the advantage of the group dynamic for a fraction of the price. Your trainer will personalize your exercise and nutrition program and schedule a one to one consultation on a continuous basis. The small club environment is also friendly and welcoming to beginners.

In the convience of a Dublin gym get results in 4 hours of training over 12 days at educogym!

What makes Educo unique?

  • Teach you Mental attitude to succeed.
  • Breif superivsed daily work outs.
  • Train on a unique purposely built execise machine.
  • Educate you on low glycemic food choices.
  • How to maintain your figure stroke physique


One of the main areas of science is replication of the experiment. With educogym® we have a scientific study that on average produced 7.5lbs fat loss and 3lbs muscle gain with 4 hours of training over 12 days. Then we have a standard and the aim must be to be able to replicate that standard. In any scientific study there will be a series of variables that produce a positive or negative result. The negative ones are eliminated. Then the positive variables form the structure that allows replication.

For Gyms in Dublin with a difference call Lyndon Morris Educo Gym  01 878 3397

  • Weight Loss
  • Body Shape
  • Mucsle Build up
  • 12 Day Program
  • Personal Trainer
  • Results

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Educo Gym - Parnell St,
Unit 214, Ivy Exchange,
Granby Place, Dublin 1,
Dublin City Gym

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