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Fairview creche & Montessori

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Dublin crèche and Montessori in Fairview is a family run business which was established in 1983 and is still run by the same owners. Fairview crèche is a licensed child care centre which provides opportunity daily for children to develop confidence and independence using problem-solving and communication skills.

Our daily routines provide a stable and predictable element that ensures a high quality of care. All children become part of a family when they attend Fairview crèche.

In our Dublin creche our programs are flexible with child initiated play a planned activities that relate back to the individual learning goals for the children. Teachers aim to strengthen and extend children both in their interest and their learning goals. Each child has an individual reaction to starting a new childcare placement. We recommend a series of visits over a one-week period each one longer than the last. Our staff are trained and very understanding when a new child becomes part of our family. We have a range of facilities to cater for your children's needs in fairveiw creche.

Outdoor play area
In Fairview crèche and Montessori in Dublin 3 we believe that outdoor play is very important for all our children's development. We have specially designed play area to suit the needs of all of the children in our care.

Baby rooms
Children start in our baby room from three months to 1 year old. We develop our routine alongside the development of the child. As a child settles in we start to introduce routine.

Wobbler and toddler rooms
The children in these rooms are 1 to 2 years old depending on their own stage of development. Routine consists of floor play, sensorial play, music, tickle time, dance and art. These activities are mainly floor-based.

Playschool and Montessori
This is a very important learning stage for the children they have easy access to a wide range of experiences, and will have their learning supported and extended by competent and highly qualified teachers. Our teachers aim to provide a changing and challenging environment, which the children have time and freedom to explore allowing them to make decisions and have freedom of choice.

Children are encouraged in decision-making and start developing skills to deal with life experiences, both now and in the future. The children take part in many activities such as cooking, story time, dance and much more in our Dublin creche.

Music for fun.
Our playschool and Montessori groups have a music class weekly. Music for fun is a unique introduction to music and music making. Our music teacher is a specialist in Early years music education, using the Kodaly method for teaching piano, guitar, singing and preschool instruments.

Call now to see how our Dublin crèche and Montessori in Fairview can reassure you when it comes to taking care of your children. 01 836 43 93 Fairview.

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Fairview creche & Montessori,
22 Addison Rd,
Dublin 3

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