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Clare Advertising Agent

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Advertising in Clare is effective with CityLocal.  We generate awareness through online advertising and drive new customers to your business.  Businesses that advertise in CityLocal Clare also achieve high rankings on many search engines.

Your advert on CityLocal can have full company profile page similar to this one and with lots of additional features.  Below are 10 fantastic reasons for advertising with CityLocal Clare:

1. Call back request - your customers or prospects can request a call back from your advert on CityLocal.

2. Email business - your customers or prospects can email you directly from your page if they are interested in your products or services.

3. Tell a friend - your customers or prospects can send an email directly from your page to their friends with a link back to your listing.

4. Twitter this - if a visitor finds your proposition attractive, they can click on the twitter link and broadcast your company for free.

5. Owner profile - you can have an owner profile alongside your company profile.  We understand that people buy from people and you can personalise this.  Click on the owner profile tab to see my example.

6. Reviews - we work with you to capture reviews to enhance your listing.  You can also request reviews from Clare businesses that you have worked with in the past by using the request review function.

7. Money Saver Voucher - you can have a money saver voucher alongside your listing to entice new customers.  You can even send this voucher to 10 people at a time directly from your advert on the site! Now that's what I call effective advertising.

8. Edit your listing - You have full control of your advert in CityLocal and can edit or update any single part of the advert as and when you want.

9. Favourites - Users can add you listing and/or your money saver voucher as a favourite.

10. Advert Statistics - You can login and see how many times your advert has been viewed or how many times your web link has been clicked on.

Get found and use CityLocal as your Advertising Agent in Clare.

Call Zak on today today to promote your business locally.

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Clare Advertising Agent,
22 St Denys Road,
Evington, Leicester,

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